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Recreation & Senior Facility Needs Assessment

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Project Updates

A survey was conducted in January 2019 to gauge future interest and usage for indoor and senior recreation. With over 600 responses, this survey will help inform future stages of the project.

At its January 22 Regular Meeting, City Council created and made appointments to a Parks & Recreation Advisory Board for the Senior Center and Recreation Center Needs Assessment & Feasibility Study Project. (A recording of the 1/22/19 City Council Meeting is available here. The selection is item 9B.) This group will meet with stakeholders and City Staff and provide direction for future facilities. 

This Parks & Recreation Advisory Board has met several times with the project's consultants to provide feedback. As part of their discussion, the board toured recreation and senior centers across the DFW area to see what features they would like to see in Pflugerville. Further meetings will prioritize these needs.

The needs assessment and feasibility study report is expected to be completed fall of 2019.  

About the Project

The City of Pflugerville currently has one recreation center facility that has been open for eighteen years and serves the community in various ways. Whether it's members, class/program participants, senior citizen users or youth wanting a safe place to play basketball, the demands for space have exceeded the availability in our current facility.

The purpose of this project is to conduct a Needs Assessment and Feasibility Study for future Recreation and Senior Centers or a combined facility project.

The needs assessment will provide the City with statistical data and demographic and market analysis to identify any service provider gaps within our system. Using the community input, demographic analysis, service provider analysis and market definition, the consulting team will identify the recommended core programs for the recreation and senior center. This will include key activities and programs for participants as well as the potential size of the core program and market positioning.

The feasibility study will also establish desired operational standards and costs for the new facility based on full operations. This will include hours of operation, maintenance standards, staffing levels needed, technology requirements, and customer service requirements.

A detailed financial plan illustrating pricing strategy for each of the programs and services, space utilization summary, and line item projections will also be included. In addition to the line item detail and summary schedules for revenues, expenditures, and debt service, this study will also provide a five-year pro forma and cash flow for budgetary purposes.

Project Consultant: Brinkley Sargent Wiginton Architects