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Trail Challenges

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26.2 Mile Virtual Pfitness Challenge  

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 26.2 Mile Virtual Pfitness Challenge! The challenge is now over. If you believe you finished our virtual marathon but do not see you name below, contact Robert at

We know these times are full of uncertainty but we can’t forget about the things we can control. So let's exercise (safely) in areas that are not crowded - like over 40 miles of our trail system. As you use our trails, please keep in mind facilities in our parks are closed, and trails at Lake Pflugerville are closed. For a full list of closures, visit

Not a runner and need some help? Check out our four part series "Running 101" on Youtube here
Pfluger Park Trails

How to participate:

  1. Create an account on (they have an app, but you have to join our group through the website). This account will link to your fitness tracker of choice.
  2. Once your device is paired, go to "Join or Create a Club."
  3. Search for 26.2 Mile Virtual Pfitness Challenge and join our group.
  4. Make sure to sync your device either via the website or the app once a day to input your progress.

If you have any questions, contact  

Pfinish Line

Below is a list of everyone in our group who has cross the virtual "finish line." Congratulations! Everyone on this list will receive a special prize when the Recreation Center reopens. 

  1. Israel Resendez
  2. Joshua McGuire
  3. Jennifer Ebert
  4. Amber McGuire
  5. Rosanne Corteau
  6. Stacey Fletcher
  7. Casey Nall
  8. Stephanie Taylor
  9. Kaari Zamora
  10. Adan Sanchez
  11. Nina Jenzen
  12. Patricia Jimenez
  13. Jorie Fogarty
  14. Sonseree Gibson
  15. Dianna Roskey
  16. Elizabeth Hovey
  17. Michael Hovey
  18. Andy Vu
  19. Kelly Metcalf
  20. Elvira Billie Millar
  21. Shon Phillips
  22. Jackie Chisenhall
  23. Jessica Wever
  24. Cynthia Mixon
  25. Sandra Alicea
  26. Kimberly Marie Elizondo- Cowley
  27. Molly Young
  28. Heidi Gollub
  29. Bonnie Villarreal
  30. Ryan Ford
  31. Susan Cooper
  32. Olivia Ann Hoffmann
  33. Eleanor Mitchell
  34. Sabrina Nyitrai
  35. Irene Fuentes
  36. Eva Roig
  37. Patricia Grant
  38. Roxana Adams
  39. Vicki
  40. Tracey Wilson
  41. Lindsey Heselbarth
  42. James Hartshorn
  43. Barbara Baylor
  44. Nicole Acosta
  45. Doug Weiss
  46. Lewis
  47. Heidi
  48. Meredith Bewley
  49. Michelle Guevara
  50. Katie Wahrmund
  51. Celia Vincent
  52. Matthew Eagin
  53. Melanie Melanco
  54. Rudy Villarreal
  55. Beverley Culp
  56. Astrid Kaufman
  57. Andrea Moretz
  58. Kathleen Leno
  59. Robin Speer
  60. Becky
  61. Kimberly Hanson
  62. Ruthie Coaxum
  63. Denise Johnson
  64. Leonie Markley
  65. Mary Opp
  66. Laura Ackerman
  67. Nancy Roller
  68. Jina Morris
  69. Kate Knapek
  70. Edward Knapek
  71. Perla Romo Knudstrup 
  72. Sandra Cunningham