Pfurry Splash Party

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We'll be back next year for another Pfurry Splash Party!

2019 Date: TBA
10 am - 2 pm
Scott Mentzer Pool - 901 Old Austin Hutto Rd. 

$5 per dog (includes two humans)
$3 per extra human

Download the required waiver here.


1. All dogs must be current on the following vaccinations. You must bring your pet's vaccination records as proof. They must be printed, and your pet's tags do not qualify as proof.

Your vet can supply you with the required forms.

  • DPP (distemper, Parvovirus, and Parainfluenza): 1 or 3-year vaccine required
  • Bordetella: 6 months or 1-year vaccine required
  • Rabies: 1 or 3-year vaccine required

2. All pets must be spayed or neutered.

3. Once you have entered the facility, dogs must be off leash.

4. Collars must be breakaway collars, no prong or choke collars allowed.

5. Tennis balls or fetching balls are the ONLY TOYS allowed. No rope toys, stuffed animals, kongs, raw hides, chewing bones, etc.

6. No children under the age of 14 are allowed without direct adult supervision.

7. Your dog must remain under your control at all times. Know your dog's personality. If he/she is acting aggressively, reactive, or overly stimulated, please calm him/her down before unleashing. If your dog maintains an aggressive and/or overly active demeanor towards other dogs and/or people, owner and dog will be asked to leave the event.

8. Please be sure your dog has been exposed to swimming. Life jackets are recommended for dogs that are not strong swimmers.

9. Owners must appropriately dispose of their dog's fecal matter in designated areas provided. Be courteous to other guest and clean up your dog's "accidents."

10. Please help your dog into and out of the pool. Lifeguards will be on hand if you need assistance, but will only perform saves on distressed humans, not dogs. It is the owner's responsibility to assist their dog if he/she is distressed in the pool.

11. Do not bring dogs that have health conditions that may endanger themselves or others.

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